Our organic bed linens meets high standards for the protection of nature and people. Our certifications are your guarantee that the production of our products from seed and harvest to processing takes place organically without the use of substances harmful to the environment, health and with proper working conditions for farmers and workers. When you buy omhu bed linens you contribute to a healthier and more organic textile production for the benefit of people, the environment and the climate.


Fairtrade contributes to the sustainable production of products made by certified manufacturers. They are doing this by creating fair trading conditions, social development and environmental protection. The cotton is Fairtrade certified, traded, audited and comes from Fairtrade manufacturers.


GOTS is the leading international standard for organic textile production. It is your guarantee that 100% of the textile fibers are organic. This means, among other things, that no toxic, carcinogenic, endocrine disrupting or environmentally harmful chemicals have been used in the production. GOTS is also a guarantee of proper working conditions.


Social Accountability International’s SA 8000 is an international certification obtained by companies that meet a number of specific requirements for working conditions during production. The rules have i.a. focus on child labor, forced labor, safety and health, wage compensation, discrimination, work discipline, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.


The Nordic Ecolabel is your guarantee that the product meets strict environmental requirements, takes into account human health and is of good quality. The environmental impact is assessed at each stage of production – from the raw materials being extracted to the goods being discarded. For example, there are limits to water and energy consumption and requirements for packaging and handling of waste.


Nicknamed “Trust in Textiles” Oeko-Tex is the world’s leading health brand for textiles. It is your guarantee that the product does not contain chemical substances that are – or are suspected of being – harmful to the environment and humans. All parts of the product have been tested, e.g. both fabric, sewing thread, ribbons and labels.